Snapchat, a smartphone application, is a type of social media. Users can send pictures or short video clips to other users. These pictures and videos, referred to as snaps, can be decorated in a variety of ways. Prior to transmittal, they offer the capability of adding text captions. The videos or pictures disappear after ten second, which makes this service unique. Users can also add photos and videos to a “story” which can be viewed for 24 hours after the story is posted. Hands on experience, exploring the Snapchat application, is the best method for acquiring knowledge about app utilization. Researching best use practices can help librarians understand how to effectively employ snapchat within a library setting. Having completed this assignment, I can now utilize this Snapchat knowledge to create advertising materials in future employment.

Snapchat relates to library work, since it can be employed in advertising programs and services. For example, librarians can take turns creating a “day in the life of a librarian.”  Libraries could send out snaps about new materials or services. However, as the majority of snapchat users are teens and young adults, it would be especially prudent to utilize this app with patrons in this age range. Libraries can develop creative contests for these patrons. Teens and young adults could create Snapchat stories about “…how a book is made, abridged version of a classic novel, etc” (Alfonzo, 2013, para 6.)  or a library service they enjoy; the winner could receive a prize. These types of contests could be run in conjunction with the library’s summer reading program.

Alfonzo, P. (2013, December 09). Snapchat For Your Library. Retrieved from

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