Youtube, founded in 2005, is a very popular social media service, affording individuals the ability to upload and view videos. SinceYoutube has grown in popularity, many organizations, including universities and libraries, have incorporated Youtube channels to upload educational and promotional videos. According to Colburn and Haines (2012), “A Pew study from July 2011 reported that 71 percent of adult Internet users have watched videos online at video sharing sites such as YouTube or Google Video. These percentages have grown steadily from 2006, when only 33 percent of respondents had visited a video sharing site.” (Colburn and Haines, 2012, pg. 6)   Therefore, it would be prudent for libraries to take advantage of this popular service.  Having utilized Youtube in the past, I have never accessed educational videos through this service.  In order to determine how other libraries utilize Youtube,  I recently spent time exploring videos posted by other library websites. In addition, I have explored search options to acquire articles best suited for Youtube utilization in a library setting.  To help promote the library, who employs me, applying my acquired knowledge to suggest content of related Youtube videos would be beneficial.

There are various techniques for libraries to employ Youtube, such as the utilization of video creation to share knowledge with other librarians about topics pertaining to the library. Additionally, Youtube videos can be utilized to promote libraries in a variety of ways. Colburn and Haines (2012) lists an assortment of promotional videos libraries can develop, which include “1. General Promotion/Appreciation; 2. Orientation/Tour; 3. Patron-Generated; 4. Promotion of Service/Collection; 5. Event Documentation; 6. News; and 7. Instruction/Tutorial.” (Haines and Coburn, 2012, pg. 9)  Colburn and Haines also note that it is judicious for libraries to share videos on other social networking platforms utilized by the library and their website. This is an excellent suggestion, since it helps generate interest regarding promoted library videos.

Colburn, S. S., & Haines, L. (2012). Measuring Libraries’ Use of YouTube as a Promotional Tool: An Exploratory Study and Proposed Best Practices. Journal Of Web Librarianship, 6(1), 5-31.


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