RedBox Style Rental Machines

“RedBox” style kiosks have become very popular with library patrons. RedBox is a company that offers recent DVD rentals in self-serve kiosks located inside or outside grocery stores, gas stations and other popular destinations. Movies can be rented at one RedBox kiosk and returned to another location. Many libraries have adapted similar book technological services for patron utilization. Since this technology is relatively new, discussions with librarians who have utilized this protocol would be most advantageous. Since I currently work in a town public library, the knowledge I have acquired concerning this technology affords me the opportunity to suggest the implementation of this technology.

Currently, as of January 2016, there are only six RedBox style book rental kiosks in the country. Encitas, California plans to add a kiosk making it the seventh, costing the city approximately $225,000 dollars. The kiosk would afford patrons free rentals with a county library card.  Accessible 24/7, it would also offer wifi. Most importantly, these kiosks would be especially useful in underserved areas. Avants (2015) quotes Lisa Shaffer, a Councilwoman for Encitas, who states, “It would be great to put something on the eastern side of town to increase access for those who may not be able to get to the Cardiff or main libraries.” (Avants, 2015, para. 17). In smaller towns, where there are monetary constraints, construction of an additional library branch may not be an option. These kiosks would be an excellent solution and welcomed within the community.

Avants, M. (2015, January 30). Encinitas selected for Redbox-style library kiosk. Retrieved from
RedBox Style Rental Machines

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